Hemp Seed Milk
Home­made – Hand-­delivered
Open the door to a healthy, happy you
And restore the fresh taste of nature to your urban life!


The seed of the idea for “Taste the H” has been germinating for the last fifteen years of Michael Carroll’s life. It was first sown when this self­-confessed city slicker followed love and a nascent business sense to the rural community of Freelton and became the co-­proprietor of the Westover General Store and Cafe. Over the course of the next three years, Michael discovered the value and pleasure of being able to source local, seasonal, and all natural products, of dealing directly with farmers and growers, of foraging in the forests and smoking one’s own meats. He quickly developed a deep appreciation for the bonanza that is our natural world. The more aware he became of the importance of our roots in the environment, however, the more keenly he felt the pull of his own roots. Surely, it must be possible to maintain a nurturing connection to nature even within a marble orchard... The time had come for Michael to return to the city, with all of his new-gained experience and insights in tow, but without a clear plan on how to convert a hazy dream into a concrete reality. It would take another ten years of experience in the service and food industry, self-­education in environmental issues, and a late diagnosis of lactose intolerance, before the seed of his initial idea found its perfect expression in the humble hemp seed.


Industrial hemp is an annual, easy to grow plant that does not require the use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and can actually help to condition the soil. Its cultivation is both legal and booming across Canada, which makes hemp seeds an ideal base for a Canadian, all natural and environmentally sustainable product; There are no known allergens associated with hemp seeds, unlike with every other kind of milk (dairy, soy, almond, oat, rice...);

For more information on hemp production, use and benefits, please visit the Government of
Canada Agricultural and Agri­Food website at: http://www.agr.gc.ca/eng/industry­markets­and-trade/statistics­and­market­information/by­product­sector/crops/pulses­and­special­crops-


­ Canadian, and whenever possible locally and seasonally sourced;
­ Freshly made using all natural and highly sustainable products;
­ Unprocessed and free of all additives;
­ Bottled and delivered to your door ensuring low environmental impact;
­ Produced in a nut­free, food safety certified professional kitchen;
Available in a variety of flavours.